Privacy Policy

You have the ability to make your portfolio private to where only you can see it.  You can also delete your portfolio (and its contents) at any time.

Portfolios Reborn is not designed to safeguard highly sensitive information.  For the most part, the purpose of the website is to publicly share your academic portfolio for others to see.
 Although Portfolios Reborn will never voluntarily share your personal information and will always attempt to keep up to date security procedures, due to the challenges of securing data online, you as a member acknowledge that it may be possible for data to be compromised even with the most up to date security technologies and practices in place.
Portfolios Reborn is not responsible for data breeches by external third parties with regard to improper access to your personal or public information.
With that in mind, it is up to you to decide what information you feel comfortable sharing on Portfolios Reborn. 
This privacy policy is subject to be updated periodically.